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Is DS Shafie Abdal Malaysia's Winchester?


Don't know if any of the readers ever heard of Mr. Winchester?  He was once the most famous gun magnate in the world and one of the richest persons in his time; the era of the America Wild Wild West.  He made his fortune from selling rifle and ammunition and has amassed a fortune in the millions that are equivalent to billions today.  Even till this day, Winchester company is still around and the rifle made by them is still considered as the Rolex of Rifle.


So how could a rich gun magnate from the 18th century America has any common with Dato Seri Shafie Abdal?  Let us find out how and why.


Mr. Winchester made his fortune from weapon trades that has caused countless lives.  When he died of tuberculosis in 1881, he left a fortune of USD20 million plus half of the share of his arms company to his wife, Sara Winchester.  Although being a rich widow, she didn't live a good life after her husband passed away.  She felt those people that were killed and murdered by the weapons that her husband made were coming back to haunt her.  After she sees a psychic she was advised that the only way to avoid these unrest spirits was to build something for them.  And so she took the advice and started building in her own mansion in 1884 and has never stopped until her death.  Because of her wealth, she was able to support this never ending construction job in her mansion.  She builds staircases that lead to ceiling or wall, windows that open to the wall or to nothing, walkways that lead to doors that open to a wall or to a steep drop, and many other weir and freak constructions in her mansion that is known as the Winchester Mystery House.


So what have all these got to do with DSSA? Let's find out.


SPRM has discovered that during DSSA was the minister of KKLW, he too has implemented many weir projects in Sabah to the tune of RM7.5 billion from 2010 to 2015.  According to the news report, many of these projects were hastily built, some are unfinished but fully paid, and some only exist in project title and nothing was built but payment was made.


Projects such as water treatment plant built on a river that has very little or no water at all, roads that built in the remote area that benefit very few people, and electric cable that starts from nowhere and ends at nowhere without connecting to the main grid.  It is because of all these funny and defiance all logic and common senses projects that remind me of the famous Winchester Mystery House.


So there you go, this is the answer and the commonality shared by both DSSA and the Winchester; they both like to build things that lead to nowhere or serve no purpose.  Maybe they both have their own's shadow to avoid.

An open letter to Dato Seri Shafie Abdal


I am truly sorry for what has happened recently concerning some corruption cases happened during the time when you were Minister of KKLW. We all know you are pissed, upset, and may be facing some financial losses as a result, it is a really bad timing especially at this critical juncture when GE14 is just around the corner. But please rest assure that the actions taken by SPRM have nothing to do with your political standing and affiliation. The recent arrests are just a normal routine investigation to deal with the increasing corruptions happening in the government and in our Country.


Whichever angle you look at this corruption case, it is mean and despicable. How could people even have the heart to "touch" and "corrupt" on the fund intended to help the poor?


It is the right thing to do by SPRM so that money destined for the rural poor people in Sabah will go to benefit them directly rather than to the bank accounts of those cronies who are seen to be associated with you. And the lunch money destined for the poor rural students and kids in Sabah will go to feed and provide nutrient to them directly than to feed the greed and power hungry cronies who always seen to be around you.


Maybe you have forgotten that all this could have been due to the open calling on SPRM by Junz Wong, who are now your Deputy President and one of your trusted associates. He has in Dec 2015 way before he fog jumped to your Party Warisan openly called on SPRM to conduct investigation on the illegal award of government contracts to the unqualified contractors who have acted as "lobbyists" for government projects for a fee. This is to be fair and for the benefit of the genuine businesses in Malaysia as reported by FMT news portal. If you couldn't remember or had overlooked on this noble action of Junz Wong, please refer to the link attached below, he deserved a medal of appreciation. <http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/…/macc-should-step-in-on-…/>


Looking at the severity of the case, even if you are still a loyalist of PM Najib, your friends and associates will still feel the brunt of the force of SPRM on them. Clean Government is one of the most serious agendas of BN government, it is to get rid of corruptions in Malaysia and set the course of the government on the right path again. And this is what we the people are expecting from our Government and SPRM to do. Thankfully SPRM has started to do this indiscriminately and apolitically.


Maybe you have also overlooked a corruption case happened just a few months ago on one of the trusted associates of PM Najib. Despite being in BN and a close friend of PM Najib, Tan Sri Mohd Isa was still arrested by SPRM for corruption and possible mishandling of fund of FELDA. And Tan Sri Mohd Isa has to go through the same processes as those suspects that you know that have been apprehended yesterday in Kota Kinabalu and in Putrajaya.


It is unfortunate that some members of your inner circle and your Party Warisan are being questioned and detained by SPRM. And I fully understand your feeling on blaming the SPRM as being biased and selective. All I can tell you now is that we have a new chief in SPRM, it is no longer business as usual for those in the ruling government or in the opposition.



SPRM has entered into a new era, it is no longer helmed by one of the five "Tan Sris'." If you get what I mean.