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Zahid: Request forwarded to Interpol to locate Jho Low


According to report by FMT; Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says the government has forwarded a request to Interpol to locate Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho.


Zahid, who is also home minister, added that the police had not received any information on the matter.


“We are confident that Interpol will act professionally,” he told the Dewan Rakyat today.


According to Zahid, the new Interpol president is China’s vice minister of public security.


He was replying to Mohamed Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak), who had asked an additional question on Low, better known as Jho Low.


Azmin wanted to know the home ministry’s stand on obtaining Interpol’s assistance to locate and detain the businessman.


Prosecutors in Singapore have named Low as the central figure in probes linked to 1MDB, adding that he used money traceable to the state fund for his own benefit.


In court filings, the prosecutors said Low had received “huge” sums of money.



According to the filings, some US$1 billion (RM4.3 billion) that 1MDB purportedly invested in a joint venture with PetroSaudi International Ltd was diverted to a bank account beneficially owned by Low, who has disappeared from the public eye.

Arrest of Shafie Apdal is according to the Laws



Opposition lawyers and lawmakers, particularly Mr. N Surendran are swamping to defend DS Shafie Apdal saying arrest and remand should be an exception and should not be the norm.  Because Shafie Apdal is not a flight risk and he has in numerous times stated his intention to cooperate with the investigating authority on the corruption and embezzlement case of KKLW projects awarded during the time when he was the Minister of KKLW, hence, he should not be arrested.


This is another clear cherry picking to the point of distorting the Laws by the opposition.  Anything that is not to their liking or to their advantage is wrong and unrighteous. 


Malaysia is a nation governed by Laws and there are specific Criminal Laws such as Section 28 of the Criminal Procedure Code allows detention for investigation up to 24 hours before presenting the suspect under Section 117 to a magistrate who may grant a further demand up to a further 7 days or release him on bail.  Based on "Decision of Case Laws", the investigator has the right to refuse any person connecting to the suspect during an investigation and questioning.


According to views of criminal lawyers; The existing case law gleaned from various decided cases has always provided a balance between the right of the accused to counsel and the power of the state to an unperturbed condition to investigate a crime and there is always a limit to the right of interference from legal counsel of the suspect especially at the very beginning of the investigation like the first 24 hours of detention where the courts have often upheld the power of the police to conduct investigation free from the interference from the counsel of the suspect.


Although the burden of proof lies with the investigator and the benefit of doubt rest with the suspect, freedom is allowed for the law enforcement authority to investigate a crime, hence, arrest and remand is sanctioned under the due process of Laws.  This is the spirit of the criminal codes of our country.


In view of the severity and seriousness of this corruption and embezzlement case, the huge amount involved, and the number of suspects directly and indirectly connected to this case; investigation has to be carried out in the most diligent manner.  Arresting and temporary remanding a suspect is necessary to investigate a crime as serious as this.  All arrests and remands connecting to this case have been sanctioned and allowed by the court.




So stop making nonsensical excuses for Shafie Apdal and try to allow VIP treatment on him as a suspect.   As lawyers and lawmakers, you people should uphold the spirit of our Laws - "that all men are equal under the Laws."



The hope of Malay Tsunami for Pakatan Harapan is busted


The physics of Tsunami; first there must be a big displacement of space caused by either natural event such as an earthquake or manmade event such as a nuclear explosion.  Then this event must happen in deep enough ocean to cause a chain reaction and continuous movement of energy packed wave.  And there must be a shallow beach for these energy-packed waves to land to create a continuous punch on the shore.  That is Tsunami in a nutshell.


So, if one wants to borrow the term Tsunami on Malay community, one must also follow the principle of how a Tsunami works in nature. 


  1. You must have something to cause big displacement of space (or displeasure), what is that something?
  2. This must happen in a deep water environment to create energy packed wave, what is the deep water environment? 
  3. Where is the shallow shore that this Tsunami can land? 


Pakatan Harapan is hoping or wishful thinking that Tun Dr. Mahathir will be that factor to cause a displacement of support due to displeasure.  And the deepwater environment is the Malay communities in the country which is also the majority of the population.  Then the shallow shore will be the urban areas which is the safe zone for the opposition and hopefully, by expanding the shallow shore will allow the tsunami to reach further inland which is the countryside to cause more damage.


Although Pakatan Harapan thinks that they have got every ingredient right for a Malay tsunami, however, yesterday event at Padang Timur, Shah Alam was anything but a Malay Tsunami.  Clearly something is wrong with their equation.  Either they have got their cause factor wrong, or the deep water environment just not their playground, or the shallow shore is getting deeper or there is a mountain blocking the shore to prevent the Tsunami from expanding further.

Your guess is as good as mine, but not hard to guess..   Cheers



Tzu P Wong