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Anything they touch rotten, that is the essence of Zombienomics.


In the past, Pakatan used to praise the "Arab Spring" in Egypt and said it is a model for Malaysia to follow.


Now, Egypt has introduced GST in 2016 and is now at 14% to replace their 10% sales tax.


The Egyptian currency is also now 3 times lower vs the Ringgit since 2009.


In 2009, One Ringgit can buy 1.5 Egyptian Pounds. Today, it can as much as 4.4 Pounds.


Similarly, Pakatan also used to praise Venezuela for its free education and its big subsidies for petrol. Today, the Venezuela economy is on the brink of collapse, its currency has slumped and inflation is 538% this year and expected by IMF to hit 2,300% next year.


Pakatan thrives on populist policies that is not grounded in reality. They are only interested to grab power without caring for the long-term future of Malaysia.



Pakatan practices zombienomics.



Eric See-to