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It is next to impossible to change the character of a man, and Mahathir proves this correct beyond doubt


Tun Dr. Mahathir has shown his true color.  His speaking at the town hall session with youth last night has confirmed his intention to carry on the ISA (Internal Security Act) if he and his coalition win the next election.


His defense for using the ISA again was because the three Prime Ministers before him have arrested more people than him; 2000 people under ISA vs 1200 people under Mahathir using the same act.  He is speaking as if he was more lenient compared to his three predecessors and we should be grateful to him.


Hello??  The people that the first three Prime Ministers of Malaysia arrested were mainly communists that pose a real security threat to the country.  These people were ready to overthrow the government by any means including military force.  Murder and terror were the backgrounds that the first three Prime Ministers have to deal with.  And the communist insurgency was only over in 1989 just after Mahathir became Prime Minister of Malaysia.


Unlike those people that Mahathir arrested who were mostly dissidents that hold different in opinions than the government.  They are what foreign NGOs such as Amnesty International would categorize as "Prisoner of Conscience". 


Operation Lalang was only a protest against the government policy at that time on issues and policy concerning Chinese school in Malaysia.  It is not arm conflict or any terror incident like the communist insurgent.  Some of the people detained under Ops Lalang like opposition leader Lim Kit Siang of DAP who was jailed for years without trial.  Lim Kit Siang even learned his Law Degree while he was in jail, and that speaks how long he was detained.


I am not all that surprising about what Mahathir is and will become because I know a truth that "a snake shed its skin will still be a snake." 


My only worry was if he is in power again will he do the same thing he did to Sabah one more time.  Having heard what he spoke his mind last night, this last doubt in my mind is now crystal clear, HE WILL DO THE SAME THING TO SABAH AGAIN with the help of his gangs, including Party Warisan.


Tzu P Wong