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Whether you like him or dislike him; Najib was the man that has transformed Malaysia and gotten rid of all the ills one by one that Mahathir has forced upon us in his 22 years reign.


Today, China is widely acknowledged, respected and even feared as an economic and military superpower but it wasn't always like that.


For centuries, millenniums even China has almost always failed to fulfill the potential that a country of her population size would demand. Her history is one filled with stories of corruption, nepotism, incompetence, and despots more interested in screwing other people's wives than managing the state and the solution has always been Ubah and more Ubah but it never worked.


Getting rid of Emperors and changing dynasties only resulted in upheavals but achieved nothing other than going back to square one again and again and again. In fact, it got progressively worse. The earlier dynasties lasted between 600 to 800 years but the later ones averaged only about 200 years. It got so bad that towards the end of the Qing dynasty, China has become the sick man of Asia and she remained terminally ill throughout the early years of the communist regime.


That was until the 80s when a little man nicknamed Little Bottle put an end to the Ubah and Lawan tetap Lawan mentality and decided that transformation from within the CCP is the way forward. What can get rid of the CCP achieve other than going back to ground zero again, it would be much better to transform the system from within.


What Deng Xiaoping said was transformation is the mother of all revolutions; it can achieve everything that a revolution aims to achieve without all the accompanying upheavals, turmoils and Bersih-like anarchy.  Believe me, there were many within and outside the CCP who were against his transformation programs and couldn't wait to get rid of him.  Most notably the notorious Gang of Four which were China's equivalent to Mahathir, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Mat Sabu.


The rest, as they say, is history.  While it is debatable whether China will actually overtake the US as the premier superpower in the world, what we can be sure of is that whatever she has achieved over the last 30 odd years through taking transformative steps, she will keep.


Malaysia has had a 30 years head start over China but we squandered it through 22 years of corruption, cronyism, and mismanagement but it's better late than never.  Since 2009, we have slowly but surely transformed the system from within...got rid of most of the cronyism and the subsidy mentality while improving on our delivery system and broadening our revenue and tax base but it takes time because unlike Ubah and Lawan tetap Lawan, transformation is a process of changing mindsets rather than personnel but we will surely get there.


We are even seeing transformations within the BN's traditionally most useless component parties, MCA and MIC. Gone are the days of dictator leadership like Ling Liong Sik and Samy Vellu who were only interested in enriching themselves and their families.


Najib is Malaysia's Little Bottle, a little man with big and concrete ideas taking small but consistent steps to achieve great things for Malaysia.  Najib is the giant to his supporters and the people who can see through the smoke screen that oppositions are trying to cover him up.


Daniel Goh 6 Dec 2016